Back-end development

I was involved in making several back-end systems for web sites and applications. My preferred stack is Ruby on Rails, although I can easily adapt to other languages and frameworks. I am familiar with making both back-ends for regular web sites and RESTful APIs for any type of client, usually mobile.

Mobile Application Development

During my work at Drap I successfully developed multiple iOS mobile applications for high-profile clients used by thousands of people daily. Highly customized interfaces, gesture-driven navigation, and animations are things I enjoy developing. I also developed a few smaller Android apps to familiarize myself with that platform, too.

Front-end development

If there was no HTML, I probably wouldn't ever get interested in development. HTML was the first language I understood, and it was pretty early, sometime during my primary school, at the age 12 or so. Today, many years later, after mastering CSS and Javascript I can make almost any kind of front-end magic happen.

User Experience & User Interface Design

Most of my UI and UX experience comes from side projects and from high school & college projects. I can produce user interfaces for almost any kind of device, although I especially enjoy web design. Lately, I've been tinkering with interfaces for TVs a lot.